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Pricing & Services

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  • Quilting Cost

    Below are some sample costs based on standard sizes. Actual cost will be based on actual size of the quilt and complexity of the design.

    Quilting Cost Table
  • Quilting Pattern Types

    Decor Quilting will machine quilt your quilt-top, bedspread, or comforter either using a continuous pattern that is repeated over the entire quilt or using a custom quilting pattern that is designed specifically for the layout of your quilt.


    There are many overall patterns to choose from.


    If your blocks contain embroidery, needle point, or appliqué, custom quilting is recommended. Custom quilting helps to emphasize the patterns in the pieced quilt-top and will not cross embroidery, needle point, or appliqué. Detail can be added to appliqué work though. For example, leaves may have veins quilted in.


    Modern quilts that contain a large amount of background space (negative space) fall into a special category of custom quilting. Modern quilts can be quilted with very complex, heavy designs. These quilts require an increased amount of time both in planning the design and quilting.

  • Batting

    Three different types of batting are available:

    • Hobbs Heirloom: 80% cotton, 20% polyester
    • Hobbs Polydown: 100% polyester
    • Legacy: 100% cotton
    Samples have been created from each of the battings so that you may see the effects of each.
    You may supply your own if desired. Batting should be at least four inches larger than your quilt-top in all directions. Decor Quilting can offer advice on which batting to use for your project.

  • Backing

    You may either supply your own backing or purchase muslin backing (white or off-white) from Decor Quilting. The backing material should be pieced (if necessary) to be at least four inches larger than the quilt-top in all directions. Please consider your desired thread color when selecting your backing.

  • Threads

    You may select any color of thread you wish. We have a large selection of thread colors to choose from. In general, the needle and bobbin thread should match. The price of thread is included in the quilting unless a specialty thread is selected. The vast majority of quilts are completed without a thread charge.

  • Binding

    Machine binding is available. Please ask for details.

  • Piecing

    Piecing is available from an affiliate. Please ask for details.